IF you have broad mind you will be able to accept and embrace people around you or things happen to you. We never want to judge others, compare with ourselves, betray others or have conflicts with them. Sometimes, we are not able to control our temper or anger and do something regretful. You are able to expand your consciousness with meditation. By throwing away your own thoughts, or pictures, which have given limitations to yourself, your consciousness will not get restricted to anything. We can say, then, your mind is broad and accepting. True love is when you are able to see others as they are; when you can accept them.
Why don't you throw away your own thoughts to live with acceptance?


The greatest person in the world is he who is able to accpet.
God has transcended everything;
therefore, he is able to accept everything.
To accept is to have something, but to not be within what one has.

The righteous way or method: correct will: true will: the will of Truth.

from poetry Mind

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