People live with hardships. You find hardships when something doesn't turn out as you wish. When something/someone does not meet your expectations or standards you say 'I am struggling' and get stressed. You might say that they are the problem that made you suffer. But what if you accept the things as they are and see them not from your own perspective? What if you are immersed in that situation and figure out what to do? Maybe, you wouldn't feel suffered as much as you would have been. When your consciousness braodens and is free from yourself you are able to live without hardships. Hardships were only made by your own mind.


Hardships exist
because of life.

What is life?
It is none other than
one's self.

To have self
is to be bound to one's form,
which is why hardships exist.

There is one way to escape from hardship:
If one lives in a place of hardships,
they disappear when he is without self.

People have many hardships.
The reason people make hardships for themselves,
is their attachments, ego and arrogance,
all of which they are unable to discard.

Those hardships are not the enemy;
the enemy is the entity that is aware of those hardships;
the true world is a world where
neither joy nor hardships exist.

from Mind

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