The Path

Everyone gets to face differents paths in their life. Many questions hit our brain... What would be the best choice? Would it be the right path for me? Wouldn't I regret about the path I take? What if it is not for me? What it it goes wrong? Sometimes because of this uncertanty and questioning in our mind, we become blind and unable to make the right path. We need to throw away all of these 'bothering' thoughts and questioning mind. We can become very confident and wise. We will be able to make the right decisions for our life, and that makes us take the right path.

The Path

A walker walks
and a runner runs.
There are many different paths that people take,
but people hurriedly travel their paths
ignorant of where they are headed.

I wish people knew
whether their paths and destinations
are the right ones.
If one can live a life free of judgment
as he travels his path,
he is without self.

from Mind

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