Mankind's Last Hope

We always live our life in hope. Everyone lives hoping to become happy or to achieve their goals. We always run forward hoping that happiness or fulfillment will be far over there. Although we run and run forward they cannot be grasped. Nothing really gives us 100% happiness or satisfaction. When we change our mind - when we go back to our original mind, we can truly live in happiness that does not go away. We are able to feel the infinite fulfillment. That's our true mind. Let's change our mind to the mind of Truth.

Mankind's Last Hope

Man must transcend beyond the whole
of religion, ideology, philosophy,
politics, economy, and his social life
so that there can be a perfect solution.
That perfect solution will allow for
everyone to become one and live as one,
and for you and I to live as one;
it will allow for us to be born again as Truth -
Truth that is of one 'Jung (Body)' and 'Shin (Mind).'

from World beyond World

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