The Noblest in the World

We strive to become a better person. As our life progresses, we want to improve it - eventually to the highest state in life we can reach. But everyone has different viewpoints about being noble. Some might say being wealthy or acquiring a high social status is the highest value in one's life, whereas others might say it is the most important to attain fine personal qualities or high moral principles. Being rich, at high social status, rightoues, wealthy, honourable, decent, moral, virtuous, magnanimous... there are countless qualities you can name to say one is noble. What would be the noblest in the world, then? Let's discover what it is to be noble from the viewpoint of Truth.

The Noblest in the World

People live in a material world only, so they judge the value or worth of something simply by what they can see. For example, a person's value is judged by how much money he has and his position in society. However, such things are all futile illusions from a delusional world.
Man's mind is confined to delusion or illusion which he acquires while living in the world. What is the most noble, truly noble, is complete Truth itself, and a person who has become Truth.
The reason Truth has the highest value is that death does not exist for a person who has become Truth and he does not change. He lives in the eternal land of heaven. Human life in comparison to the time of the Universe is like a dream dreamt during a nap' and although man lives in this dream-like illusion, he is unaware that his life is a dream. Only Truth is immortal - eternal and without death - so a person who has become this existence is the most noble.

from Heaven's Formula for Saving the World

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