Let us live our life with wisdom. What is wisdom? Knowing your original nature, coming to have Truth in your mind, becoming who you truly are and living in the original mind... this is wisdom. When you throw away your human mind, which has been accumulated from your lived life, you can realise your original mind and become this mind of Truth.


Completion is making all things
that came into existence
in the world become true existence.
Although everything is already enlightened,
people are ignorant of this
because they have no wisdom.
People are heaven,
so when the wisdom of heaven emerges,
the way to get to the origin appears.
This path is so simple -
it is discarding one's karma and habits.
Karma is one's life,
and habits are what housed his karma - his body.
Casting off one's karma and habits
is discarding his minds
and being completely without self.

from peotry Mind

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